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Residential and Commerical Tinting

Film Strip Benefits

Lowers Utility Bills 0%

Prevents Fading 25%

Makes Room Cooler 50%

UV Protection 0%

Prevents Fading 25%

No Harsh Glare 50%

Increases Comfort

Glass Shatter Protection

Tint Guard Are Window Tinting Experts in Pinellas Park, FL

Commercial Window Tinting

We offer window tint material in carbon film, infrared, mirrored tint, and reflective tint, and we believe the addition of tinting can greatly benefit business owners. Tinting provides protection from harsh hot weather and keeps customers comfortably cool inside a business.

The material also holds glass together during shattering events, which keeps employees and customers safe from cuts. If you have many valuables in your business, window tinting can shield these items from the prying eyes of potential thieves. Our tinting material is computer-cut to custom sizes to ensure a good fit, and we offer affordable prices for our material and installation services.

Residential Window Tinting

Trust the professionals at Tint Guard for residential window tint installation services in Pinellas Park, FL. We work on homes of all sizes and configurations.

We offer window tint material in many different shades to suit diverse home styles. We’re extremely experienced in installing window tinting correctly the first time around, and we’ll be precise and detailed in our work. Adding window tinting to a home offers many benefits to homeowners.

You’ll keep the interior cooler and save money by running your air conditioner less frequently, and window tinting protects a home’s occupants against harmful UV ray exposure. Tinting also reduces glare and provides privacy and safety.

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